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Filip Haag, born 1961 in Bern. Studied history of art and literature in Zurich and Berlin and has been a painter, draughtsman, sculptor and photographer since 1986. With a New York scholarship he initiated the present project in 2016, in which he initially photographed at the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art and since then in many important European museums. Die Kunst des Augenblicks. Begegnungen im Museum is published by Dumont Verlag in 2021. Regular exhibitions in Switzerland and New York as well as several prizes and work contributions. Teaching and lecturing at schools and universities. Several publications. 3 adult children. He lives in Bern.



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  • GOAT/BOAT/FLOW. Varanasi Trilogy. Edition Haus am Gern, Biel 2021
  • Die Kunst des Augenblicks. Begegnungen im Museum. Dumont Verlag, Köln 2021
  • Es kommt. Es bleibt. Es geht. Die Thunersee Gebilde. Text: Harald Kraemer, 2008, Verlag Transfusion, Basel
  • Nolens volens. Texte von Norberto Gramaccini, Michael Krethlow, Tim Krohn und Filip Haag, 2002. Edition Atelier, Bern
  • Malen mit Licht. Katalog zur Ausstellung in der Kunsthalle Bern, report Verlag, 2002
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