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The Agency

As a partner for authors, the agency Altas represents writers writing in German for the German market and for international translations.

Become an author at Altas Agency

The Altas agency represents authors who have a special literary, essayistic or scientific view of their topic and maintain a special language. We are particularly interested in texts that deal with the topics of emigration, exile and homecoming, life abroad. If you feel addressed, please send us a short synopsis, a short CV (with previous publications and reviews) and a sample of the scope of a maximum of 30 pages exclusively by email to literatur@agenturaltas.ch . If you have already offered the manuscript to publishers and / or other agencies, please let us know. The Altas Agency only takes on new representations in rare cases.

Review of manuscripts

Your manuscript will be checked carefully. If you are interested in working together, we will usually get in touch with you quickly. We strive to answer all submissions; however, if you have not received an answer after three months, a substitution will unfortunately not be possible. The examination for representation by the Altas agency is free of charge for you.

Mediation to publishers / secondary rights

We negotiate and manage author rights for our authors. After signing the contract, we monitor the contracts and payments, billing and publication dates and the assignment of ancillary rights such as translations or film adaptations. We charge a commission of 15 % (excl. VAT) of the author’s fees achieved through our work for the mediation and support of German-language publishing rights. The commission amounts to 20 % when referring to foreign language publishers abroad through co-agencies. Should a cooperation come about, this will be confirmed in writing with an agency contract in writing.